Da Illest Biography

Born August 16, 1991 in Mission Hills California as Raymond Brijil., Da Illest felt the flow and passion of music starting young, releasing music as a freshman in high school. Growing up through a rough time Da Illest sought and found his identity in music while he came to terms with and eventually accepted every part of himself. So named by Haitian singer Mr. Delson, Da Illest has exploded onto the music scene with his single “Right Now” featuring Chris Brown and is currently working on his next project "Last Ride to Paradise" which is set to be released in spring 2019. Influenced by artists such as 50 cent and Akon Da Illest has worked his way from the Los Angeles underground scene to the countries airwaves. While experimenting in the beginning, Illest now pens all of his own music believing in the power of conviction. As humble and approachable as ever Illest’s biggest goal is to open a music program for the homeless and underprivileged students among us. What does he want more than anything? “To be in front of people and see them go completely crazy over me, to where they can’t control it.” An artist on the rise, a dark horse starting his run, a voice with something to say.